‘DELIRIUM’ is a photo series pushing the boundaries of our own minds. Expanding on love, lust and desire this series through the use of saturated colour, heavy shadows, high contrast and questionable practices, these images will raise the voice of the devil on your shoulder and drag your moral compass down the rabbit hole of questionable thoughts. It’s down this rabbit hole of thoughts that we truly lose our own ego and think freely for ourselves. 

Freedom of thought is a misplaced pleasure in today’s society. My aim with this series is to open your eyes, thoughts and minds to a world that you have always feared to acknowledge. 

RMIT FOLIO_006.jpg
RMIT FOLIO_001.jpg
RMIT FOLIO_002.jpg
RMIT FOLIO_003.jpg
RMIT FOLIO_004.jpg
RMIT FOLIO_007.jpg
RMIT FOLIO_005.jpg